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Ser Kokayi is a 19-year-old hip-hop artist and record label executive based in New York City. Though he currently lives in New York City, Ser was raised in Atlanta, Georgia and draws much of his inspiration from Atlanta artists. He finds himself mostly listening to modern R&B music but the influence of Atlanta can be heard throughout his discography, with many of his listeners comparing his cadence to the likes of JID or Andre 3000. From lyrical pieces like "Used 2 Know" and "WITHOUT IT" to R&B tracks like "mstrpcs vol. 2" and "won't be long" to club songs like "she want" and "TAKE V", Ser is always experimenting with his musical styles. In addition to the creative side of the music industry, Ser is also heavily involved in the business side of the industry. In June of 2020, he founded OnEarth Records – the artist-run indie label. OnEarth records has signed artists from various different genres of music – from hip-hop to R&B to dark pop and more. Ser is currently focusing on promoting his most recent single, "TAKE V", and plans to go on a nationwide tour in the coming year.

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